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Here’s some of the donated art work:

Betsy Glassie - Perhaps Bonnard Will Come

“Perhaps Bonnard Will Come” Betsy Glassie 


"Dog in the Kitchen" by Guerin Wolf donated for the Toast of the Town Fundraiser in Fredericksburg VA“Dog in the Kitchen” by Guerin Wolf

Magnificent by Lynette Reed donated for the Toast of the Town Fundraiser“Magnificent” by Lynette Reed

Zebra Secrets donated by Collette Caprara“Zebra Secrets” Collette Caprara

Sounds of War by Penny Parrish“Sounds of War” Penny Parrish

Imperial Garden by Leah Comerford“Imperial Garden” Leah Comerford

City on the Hill by Lorie McCowm“City on the Hill”  Lorie McCown

Between the Lines - Elizabeth Seaver“Between the Lines” Elizabeth Seaver

All that Jazz - Gloria AffenitAll that Jazz” Gloria Affenit

Along for the Ride - Sandy Skipper“Along for the Ride” Sandy Skipper

Poetry of Crape Myrtles Fritzi Newton

“Poetry of Crape Myrtles” Fritzi Newton

Nina Angelini - Number 27“Number 27” Nina Angelini

Whimsical Teapot Trisha Chapman Whimsical Teapot Trisha Chapman

"Rob's Angel" Patte Ormsby“Rob’s Angel” Patte Ormsby

Brandon NewtonBrandon Newton

Dianne Bachman - Blue EggDianne Bachman

Plastic Fantastic Series: Hearts Afire IPlastic Fantastic Series: Hearts Afire I Amy Bayne

Plastic Fantastic Series: Hearts Afire IIPlastic Fantastic Series: Hearts Afire II Amy Bayne

Cheryl BoschCheryl Bosch

Nancy Brittle  "Jonquils Glass Vase"“Jonquila Glass Vase” Nancy Brittle

Beverly Coates "Toast of Summer"“Toast of Summer” Beverley Coates

Carol Coffman "Family Shoes" “Family Shoes” Carol Coffman

"Imperial Garden" Leah Comerford “Imperial Garden” Leah Comerford

"Rappahannock Heron"  Adam Desio “Rappahannock Heron” Adam DeSio

Dan Finnegan Dan Finnegan

"Lavendar Cascade" Ariel Freeman “Lavendar Cascade” Ariel Freeman

"Bobber" Stephen Griffin “Bobber” Stephen Griffin

"Lowering Sky II" Barbara Taylor Hall “Lowering Sky II” Barbara Taylor Hall

"Eds Cows" Bill Harris and Ed King “Ed’s Cows” Bill Harris and Ed King

Bill Harris Bill Harris

"Icons Crossed 129" Cathy Herndon“Icons Crossed 129” Cathy Herndon

"Wednesday Night" Steve Hiker “Wednesday Night” Steve Hiker

"French County House" Carol Josefiak “French County House” Carol Josefiak

"Under the Stars" Jackie Lakely “Under the Stars” Jackie Lakely
Read more about this donation from Jackie


"Blue Vase" Rob Landeck “Blue Vase” Rob Landeck

"A Winter Solace" Christopher Limbrick “A Winter Solace” Christopher Limbrick

"Northern Lake" Ruth Ann Loving“Northern Lake” Ruth Ann Loving

Tall Cabbage Vase Christine Lush-RodriguezTall Cabbage Vase Christine Lush-Rodriguez

"Moonlit Window" Judith Merrill “Moonlit Window” Judith Merrill

"Vonnegut" Emily McKee Mills “Vonnegut” Emily McKee Mills

"Utah Red Rocks" Chris O'Kelly“Utah Red Rocks” Chris O’Kelly

"Blue" Amada Pickett “Blue” Amada Pickett

Felt Masks Barbara PoseyFelt Masks Barbara Posey

"The Newcomer" Ana Rendich “The Newcomer” Ana Rendich

"Enzo" Mirinda Reynolds “Enzo” Mirinda Reynolds

"Carls II" Chris Rok “Carls II” Chris Rok

"Ice Cream Clouds" Casey Allen Shaw“Ice Cream Clouds” Casey Allen Shaw

"Misty Mountaim" Linda Silk Sviland“Misty Mountaim” Linda Silk Sviland

“Heaven Bound” Kristi Zerull"Heaven Bound" Kristi Zerull

"Jungle Door" Ellen Worthy Stokes “Jungle Door” Ellen Worthy Stokes

"Spring Dogwood" Carol Waite “Spring Dogwood” Carol Waite

Al Green Copper Lamp Copper Lamp Al Green

"Arcade-Fredericksburg Train Station" Chris Rok “Arcade-Fredericksburg Train Station” Chris Rok

Beach Pines 1 Anne Parks“Beach Pines 1” Anne Parks

Fredericksburg Necklace Leslie Brier“Fredericksburg Necklace” Leslie Brier

Curly maple jewelry box with purple heart Lined in black velvet Tim EggersCurly maple jewelry box with purple heart Lined in black velvet Tim Eggers

"Regatta at Sunrise"  Joan Critz Limbrick“Regatta at Sunrise” Joan Critz Limbrick

splitterD.D. Lecky and Jason Hartsoe Splitter slip trails fruit bowl Ceramic (stoneware)

"The Pearls of Venus" Elizabeth Woodford“The Pearls of Venus” Elizabeth Woodford

"Time" Todd Woollam“Time” Todd Woollam

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